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Types Of Apps That Can Be Built


Using this platform you can make a variety of apps.

  • City App
  • Education App
  • Entertainment App
  • Event App
  • Fashion App
  • Health & Beauty App
  • Hotel App
  • Local Business App
  • Organization App
  • Real Estate App
  • Sports App

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Senior Citizen


Built my first app last weekend with this and I have to say I was very impressed. Followed the step-by-step training videos, which were excellent and detailed, didn't rush and about 2 hours later had my app in the Play Store. The app builder platform is probably one of the easiest I've used. Nothing over complicated and everything seems to work as it should and intuitively. All in all an excellent easy-to-use system with good training provided.
Jeff Usher
I purchased 3 days ago and have built 4 apps since then. The software is very easy to use and likewise the training videos are very easy to follow.It took me about 4 hours to build my first app but since then I cut that time in half to 2 hours when building the other 3 apps.It appears to me that a lot of time and effort had gone into producing these training videos that are excellent quality. The software is very user-friendly. All in all, I haven't anything negative to say or suggest as constructive criticism. The whole package of software and training videos is excellent value.
Solid Rock
The Apps building software is excellent and you are guided through every step by solid tuition in the form of video’s. If for some reason you get stuck on a particular issue I have found that the Apps team are very knowledgeable and reply to your query in rapid time, allowing you to get the problem fixed easily and quickly as I did with my own problem. Well done the Apps team for getting me up and running and I wish you continued success.
John Thompson


Most frequently asked questions are answered here.

You can select a suitable category from the categories section and click on ‘Start ’ button. Then you can follow the process exactly provided from there.

You can work Part Time or Full Time depending on your profession.If you are already in a profession, you can do it as Part Time.If you want to make this as your profession, you can do it as Full Time.

If you give proper time and follow the exact process provided, you can complete an App within hours.

Yes, you can contact us with a valid and work related question using the contact us page. If we find the question valid, it will be answered within 1-2 working days.

If you follow the exact process provided, then you can even see your income within a week.

You need a computer and internet connection to start the work.

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