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  • Dream Home: Make your home sweet home dreams a reality! 🏡✨

  • Growing Family: Ensure your loved ones have the best start in life. 👶💓

  • Explore the World: Discover new horizons, create lasting memories, and live life to the fullest! 🌍🌴

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Turn your passion into profit and be your own boss! 💼🔥

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Note : Unlike other marketers, I will never ask for your email/phone or any contact details here to send messages day after day. If you like it, then proceed to pay and book your seat on the flight of unlimited course design. When you are ready for starting online income, click the button below.

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Will 1 Million Followers In Instagram Or LinkedIn Hurt You ?

No, I am not selling this to you. You get the following guides for FREE.  Along with it I’ll also give you content to post for the next 1 year & also a ‘Millionaire Mindset’ workbook to help you achieve maximum success in quickest possible time.

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1. Instagram Powerhouse – Unlocking The Secrets To 1 Millions Followers & Beyond

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4. Millioniare Planner- Plan each day, week, month and year with this and achieve massive success.

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What To Expect After Workshop ?

1. Your Own High-Ticket Course

We will help you build 1 course. You can use the same process to build unlimited courses

2. You As A Published Author

You will become a published author with your books at top sites like amazon, apple, barnes and noble etc

3. Your Personalised Sales Machine

Get leads, enquires and even sales from day 1 when you implement this.

4. Your Own Website

If you are planning to get a website, then this is the solution. We will use A.I to create visually stunning websites for you

Book Seat worth ₹4999 for just ₹299 & get  4 Incredible Bonuses For FREE!

What will you learn in this training?


Step 1 : Learn to use our software to generate the entire course for you. You start with a word and software generates awesome titles, table of contents. acknowledgement, preface,conclusion and ofcourse content for all chapters.

Step 2: You will learn about a secret website where you have to upload the course content just once and it will automatically be distributed to top 14 online stores including amazon, apple, barnes and noble etc

Step 3: You will set-up the traffic machine and get high quality leads to your offers for FREE. Wait! This will help you get results from Day 1. 

Who is this Training for?

And remember, just the FREE bonuses are worth Rs 12,000 when you join today for Rs 299!

Thousands of attendees have launched their courses…

Know Your Coach

Gyan Sahoo

IMG_20181008_170504 copy

This picture is from Paris trip & entire cost of the trip was generated from one of the online courses we have.

So, where do you want to travel? Your online course is the key to finance all your trips.

Hi, I am Gyan and I welcome you to this special section on online course creation.I’ve spent the past 18 years learning everything there is to know about online course creation and marketing. This experience includes the time spent in one of the leading IT companies in India. 

 The methods outlined in my books and courses have been responsible for many successful online courses..
Without it, you’ll waste your time on unproductive methods guessing how to get success with online courses and then wondering where it all went wrong. 
With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork and will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards launching your own profitable online course. Use and enjoy!
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Still not sure if this workshop is for you? 🤔

Here is what you will get!

1. Complete Training To Start

2. Simple To Follow Video

3. Beginner Friendly

4. Money Back Guarantee

5. Awesome Bonus

6. Same Day Results

You are not the first to attend the Workshop
Join 25000+ people who’ve attended my trainings to become a part of our success stories!
Frequently Asked Questions
I haven’t received the confirmation email.

You should receive payment confirmation within a few minutes of payment. If you haven’t please check spam/junk, if you still don’t see it write to support at

Do I need to have basic understanding of course creation before signing up?

No. You will learn about course creation from the basics of it. Prior knowledge is not required

Do I need to have basic understanding of writing before signing up?

No. Our software uses A.I to build the entire course for you. You just need to enter a word and then watch the magic of course creation unfold before your eyes.

Will I be able to launch my course after this workshop?

Yes. Just follow my step-by-step training and you will have your course ready easily,quickly and effortlessly.

Will this work for any niche?

Yes, The course creator software uses A.I to build to courses. So, this will work for any topic from any niche.

From where will I get traffic to promote my courses ( ebooks)?

You will learn free traffic method as well as paid traffic. Also, you will get my secret linkedin traffic machine. Using this you can generate high quality leads starting from day 1.

Is demand for online course growing?

Yes, it growing crazily. Even the bigger players like Facebook, linkedin are promoting their online courses. So, market for online course is growing very fast.

Will I get recording of the session if I miss to attend this?

This is not a live workshop. You will get video training which you have to follow to launch and publish your course.

You can watch it at your convenience any number of times. You get lifetime access.

Book Seat worth ₹4999 for just ₹299 & get  4 Incredible Bonuses For FREE!

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