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Your Course Launch Journey in 3 Easy Steps…

1. Automated Creation

Use our smart course creator software to build the entire course content for you. Just enter your 'topic' on which you want to build course. Then Sit back and relax while software creates the course for you.

2. Free 1 Yr Marketing

Use our special 1 yr social media content to pull traffic to your course for FREE. Simply copy and paste this to start seeing results from Day 1. This works for any social media platform.

3. Sit Back, Relax & Profit

Finally, you can enjoy the life of your dreams while the system is working for you on auto-pilot without having to worry about MONEY!

Hello, I'm Gyan

My name is Gyan and I've spent the past 18 years learning everything there is to know about online course creation and marketing.

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You’ll Get Everything Needed To Start Online Course Today

1) Course Creation Software ( Value: Rs 25,000)

It will create entire course for you while you relax and enjoy you tea/coffee. You just need to enter a word and the software will create the entire course for you. 

2) 1 Yr Content For Social Media ( Value Rs 3,000)

This will work for any social media platform. Just fill in the blanks and your social media post will be ready. You will get content for 1 yr. Staying consistent is important for growth online.

3) Linkedin Marketing Software ( Value Rs 32,000)

This is a complete Linkedin Automation software. You can use this to automate most of tasks to increase your followers and generate more revenue.


Total Value : Rs 60,000

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1. Millionaire Planner

Planning is the key to success. You can plan your entire journey with this workbook. Put your daily, week, monthly and Annual goals to work with this and see the magic.

2. DFY 1 Yr Content

Consistency is the key. 360 days of content is provided here. Just fill in the blanks and post to your social media platforms and relax. It just takes few minutes per day and results are awesome.

3. Linkedin Automation

Linkedin is the premium social network for working and business professionals. They are looking for opportunity and have the money. So, put this software to work and see results from Day 1 itself.

4. High Ticket A.I Course

This is a video course made by 2 multi-millionaires. You will learn all the steps required for getting high-ticket payments. This has helped Dave earn $5K-$20K in single sale. Now, you have access to the same methods.

5. Affiliate A.I Course

Interested in starting a YouTube channel and review products? It's a complete video course where you get exact steps you need to take to achieve success. Again, this is made by millionaires who have done it themselves.

6. Exclusive Community

You will get access to exclusive private FB group. This is strictly for members only. So, you can discuss with others like minded individuals and ask your questions and also get supports and answers.

So, What Do You Want To Achieve?

Have You Heard About Pont-De-Arts In Paris ?

It is a bridge in Paris where couples tie locks as a symbol of their love for each other. Well, now the question is do you want to actually visit such beautiful place with your spouse and let the love blossom or sit and argue over silly things because of lack of money. 

Here is a fact. Lack of money will never show up as a primary cause of argument. Dreams are gradually crushed because of lack of it which leads to gradual build up of frustration. Then, it erupts as argument over silly matters. So, make sure you have plenty of it and fulfilling your couple dreams at earliest. 

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