Get Real Estate App For Your Business – Earn Thousands Monthly

If you are in real estate business, then app is must for you.

We have this special app design for you.

Increase your income with a real estate app for your business.

It will have many features and sections like:

  1. Home screen

2. About us

3. Property listing module

4. Directory

5. My account (For your users)

6. Contact us (Your Information)

7.Contact form – User can submit their details.

8. Push notification – You can send notifications to all your users.

There is huge earning opportunity with this.

Real estate business is always a long term business and will work in any place.

It has inbuilt features to help you generate more money:

How To Earn:

You can charge listing fee for

  1. Rent
  2. Sale

You can list independent house, flat, apartment, lands etc.

When the app gets popular you can also list other service providers and charge from then also.

e.g if someone wants to build house then they would require plumber, electrician, contractors etc.

So, you can charge listing free from them also.

There is huge income potential with this app.

There might be many people involved in real estate business in your area so are you doing anything different to stay ahead of them? So, get this app and give wings to your real estate business.

Also, if you are looking for income opportunity, then this is a golden opportunity for you. Get this app and start real estate business today. Become to ‘Go To’ person for any real estate listing.  

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