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Welcome To Ladder Apps Training

Note : Watch the videos carefully to get a better understanding of the platform. It’s really easy to use. After you create 2-3 apps you will get familiar with various aspects of the system and you can start creating apps quickly.

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Also opening an adsense account is free. You will get many articles and videos on this topic. Just search in google and youtube and you will find the method.

Previewer App

Now, we have a previewer where you can preview your apps on mobile before publishing it in apps store:

Click here to download the apk file

You can download and install it directly in your mobile. After opening the previewer will look like this.

Enter the following :
Url :
Email : Your loginid for ladder apps
Password : Your password for ladder apps
Then click ‘See my apps’ to view all your apps.

In this training, we will focus on app creation and publication process.

1) Create App Structure

2- a) Change Look & Feel

2- b) Homepage & Splashscreen Image

3) Insert articles and links

4) Create Admob Id & Generate APK File

5) Download APK File

6) Generate Icon & Images For App Submission

Tip : You can even use the previewer app for generating screenshots.

7) Select Keywords – Very Important

8) Publish In Google Play App Store & Make App Live

Note : For privacy policy we have mentioned in the following video that you can search in google for privacy policy.  But, now the privacy policy is generated automatically inside the app builder. Open the app, then go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Terms & Conditions’. Just copy the ‘URL’ link into google play store while publishing.


9) iOS Publishing

Click here to download the zip file for iOS publishing

Learn To Make $128+ Per Day

Click Here To Watch The Video Now