Great!  Read This Before You Pay Rs 299/- 


( I’m Serious, This Happened With Me Many Times & Probably It Has Happened With You Also!) 

I had to wash clothes. So, I did this. I put all the clothes inside the washing machine. Then added detergent, closed the door of washing machine and went to sleep. In the morning I woke up only to find that the clothes were not clean. 

What happened? Any guesses ?

Congrats to all those who guessed correctly.

Yes, I did not press the ‘START’ button. What a silly thing to do!

Pressing the START button Is such an obvious thing to do but do we really do it when it matters the most?

Internet marketing or online income doesn’t work for most because we spend hours upon hours collecting, learning and  planning things and we forget to take action. We are busy planning to start but never start.

So, I have decided to do the following:

1) I’ll work with you personally to see that your 1st course is launched. I’ll be there to guide you in each and every step. You can call this a sort of hand holding or fail-proof method.

2) Next, I’ll tell you the secret to making each ebook/course into a high-income generating machine. Imagine making Rs 40,000 every day. Just put your special link in the course and give away the course for FREE. By, giving it for FREE, you can get lots of downloads.  But, remember every book you give as FREE contains the link for your Rs 40,000 or more payment. So, the more you give, the more you get. And you will be giving away quality things, so people will start trusting you. And this trust will make them to purchase. So, don’t miss this option. This could be the difference between making Rs 5000 – Rs 10,000 per month or Rs 2Lakhs – Rs 3 Lakhs per month. 

Probably this example will make you understand better. 

Ram has a bike showroom and Shyam has a car showroom(Mercedes). 

Who do you think sells more of their products : Answer – Ram

Who do you think makes more money : Answer – Shyam

So, the secret to making big income is selling better and high-priced product. And that is what I will train you for inside. And as mentioned, you don’t even have to sell, just give your books/courses for FREE and watch the magic happen.


3) Another main reason for failure is ‘Lack Of Focus’. Once, you decide a niche, I’ll make sure  that you are focussed for that particular niche only. The course creator software is so powerful that it can build course on any topic in any niche. But, you have to focus on just 1 niche initially to start seeing results. You can always diversify later.

4) Yes, needless to say, you’ll receive priority support as compared to others.

5) Cost is just Rs 1999/- . As this involves my personal time, I can provide this to limited number of students only. 


How To Pay & Register ?

It’s simple. Just scan the QR code below from any payment app and pay Rs 1999 or Rs 299 depending on your choice.

After payment send a screenshot to ‘’ and we will send you the training details within 24 hrs.

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