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Most Dream… But, Few Take Action Like You To Reach $20K/month Income!

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Now, why this is called as “Techpreneur Toolkit” ?

It has all the tools not only to build your course but also to get lots of sales.

And we have also provided materials to make your present professional life better. So, start today and be consistent.

It consists of two section:

  1. Business Building Section
  2. Professional Advancement Section

So, let’s start:

Business Building:

There are two course here:

  1. High-Ticket A.I ( This exact system is used by Dave to earn $1000,  $3000, $10,000 and even $20,000 per course sell). It simple to implement and you can do it. Get the video course here: Click Here To Download
  2. Affiliate A.I ( Simple method used by John to create faceless video that makes him $300,000 a year) . Get the video course here – Click here to download

Professional Advancement:

These are very powerful courses and you have to make commitment that you’ll not mis-use the system or take unfair advantage of it. 

Just send an email to with subject as ‘I agree’ and I’ll send you the following courses within 24 hrs.

  1. The Dirty Truth Of Climbing The Corporate Ladder.
  2. Don’t Wait! Create Your Onsite Opportunity
  3. How To Say ‘No’ To Boss
  4. Office Flirting – How To Say No & Still Get Ahead In Career

Do You Want To Automate Most Of The Tasks ?

(For Busy Professionals)

We will automate the course creation and sales process. So, instead of just 1, you can have hundreds of courses available online. And we will force top 15 sites like Amazon and Apple to do the selling for you. So, you can just sit back and relax.

After all, we are software professionals. So, let’s automate and scale your business to new heights!

Plus, I will show you how to earn $500 from each person who downloads your course.


Just send an email to with subject as ‘Automate’ and we will send you the details.

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