Start Business With Small Amount Of Money | Earn Lakhs By Starting Business With Just Rs 3000

Here you are going to see the detail plan of how you can start a business with small amount of money.

You  can earn lakhs by starting this business with just Rs 3000 investment.

If you are thinking that big or large investment with good office space is required to start business then here you will find that thinking to be wrong.

You can do this from your home.  A computer with internet connection is required.

Phones are used by people everywhere. And apps are important part of phone today. So, here is the income making chance for you. You will learn to create income with apps.

People spend a lot of time on phone and also they are ready to try new things. If the app is related to them, useful and beneficial for them, then they will download it. Your app will become the one-stop solution for lot of useful information.

Following are some of the sections you can keep in the app.

  1. Offers/Discounts right now ( Promotion)
  2. Announcement
  3. For Sale ( goods)
  4. For Rent – House
  5. For Sale –  House/Land

As there is huge demand you can make good money by following the plan. Imagine your app will be installed in hundreds and thousands of phones.

People will get lots of benefit from the app.

You will be able to make good money (We will discuss that in the next section).

You must be eager to see the earning potential, but before that let us mention that the app is very easy to manage. If you have basic computer skills, then you can easily manage the app.

Now, let’s see the earning potential.

As mentioned earlier, there are various sections in the app. There are some free sections and some paid sections. Combination of these will help you get downloads as well as generate money.

Following are the methods using which you can generate money.

1. Promotion

People do various types of promotion. Just see the newspaper and you will find leaflets inside. You can see various promotions in walls, banners, hoardings etc. They spend money in all these but are not able to reach maximum people.

Your app will be installed in maximum phones. So, if they pay you, then you can easily add their promotions in the app and they will benefit a lot. Their printing and distributing cost will be saved and they can reach more number of people faster.

Example – If you charge Rs 2,000 per promotion and you get 4 promotions daily, then you can earn

Rs 2,000 X 4 X 30 days = Rs 2,40,000 per month.

You can also keep monthly cost to make it more affordable and cheaper.

Suppose you charge Rs 15,000 per promotion and you get 20 clients/month, then you can make

Rs 15,000 X 20 = Rs 3,00,000 per month.

Now a task for you:

Find out the cost of printing 1000/5000 leaflets. You will realize how cost-effective it will be when they promote in app. It can reach thousands of people quickly and at lower cost. So, people will be happy to pay you.

When your app gets more popular and receives more download, then you can charge double or triple the amount shown above.

2. Announcement

You can keep this section for birthday, anniversaries etc. People can pay you to post their photo and message in the app.  Common people will love to see their photo in a popular app and will get lot of wishes from people.

Example – Suppose you charge Rs 500 per post and you get 4 posts/day, then you can earn

Rs 500 X 4 X 30 days = Rs 60,000 per month.

As your app gets popular you will get more and more requests for posting. So, this can be a good source of income.

3. Listing house for rent and house/land for sale

This can be a big source of revenue for you.

Do a bit of research and you can find the amount of money brokers earn.

You can charge a suitable listing fee for listing house for rent and house/land for sale. House or land owners, brokers or builders can pay you to list their property.

Do your calculations and you will find that you can make a good amount per month with this method.

Listing fee will depend on the area of real estate. So, we are not doing any sample calculations here.

As your app gets popular, more and more people will be interested to list their properties. So, this can be a major source of revenue for you.

It is the perfect time for you to start now. You will not only get income but will also get popularity. When you provide good and useful content in the app, it will gain popularity. Every phone users will like to have your app installed to get the benefits.

During these difficult times when most businesses are impacted, you can help them by getting more customers. You can help people by giving them good offers and a lot of other useful features and promotions.

Inside the member’s area, we have discussed various ideas on how to make the app more popular and get more downloads.

How To Start With Just Rs 3000?

You must a computer with internet connection to start working.

We have made the cost very affordable. First you earn and establish your app business by implementing the steps. Then you can become profitable. The entire package will cost you Rs 5000 /month. Right now, you donot have to pay this amount of Rs 5,000.  You can start with just Rs 3000. And if you do it well and with passion and interest then this Rs 3000 is all you need to pay from your own pocket. Because you will become profitable and future payments can be done from your profits.

So, do you have Rs 3000  to start a rewarding career? Are you ready to invest Rs 3000 for your bright future?

If you register right now, then we will give you an additional month at Rs 3000. Rs 5000  monthly payment will start from 3rd month onwards.

When the app is running well, you would take just 1 day to earn Rs 5000  and more. So, you can see how profitable the system can be. Moreover, your App will be earning recognition from lots of people. Most business take between 1-3 years to become profitable and require lots of investment. But, here you require a computer, internet connection and Rs 3000  to start.

So, donot let the delay in taking decision affect your income and future. Click the pay and register link below. After payment you will get your payment receipt from paypal. Within 24-48 hrs we will send the details to the same email id which you use for making payment with paypal.

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