Stop Using Funnels !

Did you think like this before signing up for clickfunnels ?

  1. Sign-up for clickfunnels by reading all those people making million dollars and getting that certificate.
  2. Then, made a funnel and went to sleep, hoping by the time you wake up, your list would have exploded with sales, enquires and booked calls. By the way, this is what we saw in ads.

But, the reality is different. Still zero to few sales and yes, another $97 to $297 added to monthly expense as funnel builder charges. And one thing would have exploded i.e your ads account expense.

And then, you go through their lengthy training and steep learning curve only to realise that you could have done this without expensive funnel builder account.

Understand this, they showed you the potential of sales/revenue but sell you funnel builder account which is nothing more than a restricted website builder.

Don’t believe me! Send an email to owner of any funnel builder and ask what actually is their platform? The answer will be ,” It’s a website builder”

So, the question to you is:

Are you still trapped in the web of ClickFunnels or similar methods, desperately trying to make sales funnels to capture leads and boost your sales?” 🕸️

Stop right there, because the truth about funnels and funnel builders is far from what you’ve been led to believe, and you certainly don’t need to empty your pockets on those overhyped tools. 💸

Let me show you the reality behind funnels and their builders!

Funnel is a concept, and these so-called funnel builders are nothing more than restricted versions of website builders.”

Russell, the owner of ClickFunnels, himself says, “Whatever stage you are in business or life, you are just a funnel away…,” leaving the crucial part unsaid. 🤔

Allow me to complete it for you: “You are just a funnel away from becoming a lifetime paying customer of a funnel builder.” Shocking, isn’t it? 😱

So, what did I do? I took charge.

I canceled my membership (check out the video and steps if you want to break free too), and embarked on a journey of crafting story tunnels instead of over-hyped sales funnels. And guess what? My opt-in rate skyrocketed, started getting sales and all this was achieved through simple WordPress site. 🚀

It dawned on me that no one really cares about the superficial aspects of your website—fancy buttons, designed backgrounds, and all the unnecessary bells and whistles. Even WordPress, a reliable platform, goes through extensive testing before releasing a decent theme each year. So, why not leverage it? A decent theme (free, mind you) is more than sufficient. 🌐

But, what about the order bump, upsell,downsell, cross sell ? Can this is done with simple wordpress site.

Answer is yes. And all configurations can be done for FREE! Do, I need to say that again? ” You can do all this for FREE“. And this will work more efficiently and in a much better way than any over-hyped funnel builder.

Just a summary of what we discussed till now:

  1. Embrace story tunnels and bid farewell to the over-hyped funnels. 🔄
  2. Acknowledge that funnel builders are just repackaged website builders. 🧱
  3. Opt for the free version of WordPress—it’s more powerful than you think. 🆓

But hold on, I’m not done. In the next phase, I’ll guide you through:

  • What story tunnels truly are. 📖
  • How to harness the power of A.I (with ChatGPT) to build most of it. 🤖
  • Leveraging other people’s funnels (for free!) created by highly paid copywriters to maximize your profits. 💰
  • Building it all using WordPress—for free. 🛠️
  • No I did not forget! you will also know how to build order bump, upsell, downsell etc

Interested for an exclusive look into my own story tunnel, ready for you to copy and paste“. It’s time to break free from the funnel frenzy and embrace a more authentic, effective approach to boost your business. 🚀

Just enter you email and click the button ‘Yes, I’m Interested’ and I’ll show you the details. This can save you thousands of dollars per year which you pay to funnel builders.

Note: click funnel teaches you squeeze page funnels and reverse squeeze page funnels. But, here you are going to learn never seen before two edged squeeze page tunnel which I call. as “story tunnels”. So, see you on the other side where I reveal the actual exciting stuff.