Story Tunnels Contd…

Great! Now, let’s discuss about story tunnels!

Here is the complete step-by-step process.

  1. Generate a story involving your business and you. If possible make a story on how you solved the burning problem of your customers
  2. Divide the story into 2 parts.
  3. Give part 1 for free. Don’t give everything here. Main job here is to submit the email to see part-2.
  4. In part 2 , give them the complete story.
  5. Immediately after story, introduce your offer (e.g book a call or related affiliate product). Right now, iron is red hot, so it’s perfect time to strike. If you maintain the flow from story to offer in a perfect way, a good percentage of people will opt for your offers. They came to know about the solution and understand/trust that you are the right person because of your story.
  6. Congrats! You have a new subscriber now. So, start email marketing.

Now, with chatGPT, you can do the following tasks:

  1. Generate engaging stories.
  2. Make follow-up email sequence.
  3. Generate ad copy to promote your story part 1 using Facebook paid ads.

Does this method work?

Yes, it works and you are the proof. You submitted your email in part 1 and now you are seeing part 2. You are already in the tunnel ! Did you even realise that? That is the power of story tunnels, if done properly. Don’t worry, soon I’ll lead you out of the tunnel. On the other side, you will find yourself happier and excited.

Ok, Can you show me how to use chatGPT for this:

Yes, we have a video showing you the complete steps.

The cost is just Rs 299. Just scan and pay Rs 299 using any payment apps. After payment send an email to for the video.

What you will get for Rs 299 ?

  1. All the chatGPT prompts to make your story tunnel quickly.
  2. How to connect story tunnels to other people’s funnel and get paid hundreds of dollar for doing so.
  3. Required mindset before building your tunnel.
  4. 30 mins training on a secret method that helps me earn $500/sale . Just connect it to your story tunnels and make $500 multiple times a day.
  5. Access to my course ‘Instagram Powerhouse’ and ‘Linkedin Domination’ to build a strong presence online.

So, register for a small fee of Rs 299 and see the difference story tunnels can make to your marketing efforts. Right now, you might be putting a lot of effort. This, will finally help you get results.

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